Services at KPC

Individual service

Your treatment at Knebworth Physiotherapy Clinic is designed on an individual basis. From the initial assessment of your condition your physiotherapist recommends a course of treatment and exercise so that you can work together towards your rehabilitation. This treatment usually involves a number of physiotherapy techniques such as mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue techniques, exercises, electrotherapy and taping. If appropriate, acupuncture may be suggested to enhance your recovery.

Initial assessment

Your initial assessment ordinarily takes about 30 minutes. This enables your physiotherapist to assess the affected area and make an informed judgment about what form of treatment would be the best to ensure that we can work towards your goals and manage your expectations. Following this initial assessment your physiotherapist will be able to discuss and recommend a course of treatment to aid your rehabilitation.  During this assessment you physiotherapist should also be able to begin your treatment

Any treatment sessions undertaken following the initial assessment usually last for 30 minutes per session.

Rehabilitation products

In addition to a recommended course of treatment and exercise we stock various rehabilitation products.